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5 Tips for SaaS Inbound Marketing Success

January 24, 2020, by Digital Litmus

5 Tips for SaaS Inbound Marketing Success

When it comes to building an inbound marketing strategy as a SaaS company, you have to think slightly outside the box. After all, you’re prepping your audience for long-term future engagement, so the value you deliver needs to take this extensive relationship into consideration.

Unlike one-and-done value propositions that are mostly just aiming to get the sale over the line, SaaS companies need to think about how they can deliver value over a multi-year customer lifetime.

The average SaaS Contract Length is 1.3 years (Forentrepreneurs)

For SaaS businesses, retention is just as important as the sale, and any content you create to support your inbound efforts must reflect these dual-priorities.

With the right strategy, inbound marketing can drive new opportunities, whilst also reduce your customer churn rates and improve overall satisfaction.

Here are 5 tips on how you can maximise inbound marketing success for your SaaS business.

1. Build A Content Strategy Based On Customer Needs

The nature of the SaaS business relationship means it’s always an ongoing discussion between you and your customers. Remember, the sale is only the beginning of the real conversation and to maximise customer retention, you need to know what they really want from you.

Consider sending out a survey to customers to get a better appreciation of their needs and expectations and build your content to accommodate.

By delivering regular content that delivers critical value around the subject matters that your audience really care about, you can show you’re the right long-term right fit for them.  

2. Differentiate Between the Prospect and Customer Experience 

While it’s true you need to make every effort to turn your prospects into customers, once they’ve taken that jump, you also need to ensure you show appreciation for their commitment.

Whether this comes in the form of visual differences in your content (premium editions) or just the occasional exclusive content offering, it’s important to make them feel like sticking around is worthwhile and that their patronage is valued. They are critical to your business and need to be made to feel like it through the content they receive.  

3. Split Your Content Performance Data Into Prospects and Customers

Understanding the behaviour of your prospects and your customers is essential to appreciating just what makes them tick.

If you can see exactly how each group is engaging with your content offerings, then you can get a better appreciation of their priorities and challenges.

If there’s a significant difference between the two groups, you may be able to distil the distinction and create content that fills the gaps. The differences between your prospect’s content consumption and your customer’s may be the key to improving your conversion rates.

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4. Ensure Your Website Has Effective Lead Capture 

It's one thing having an effective content strategy and content production programme to drive inbound traffic, but is your website geared up to maximise conversion and generate leads?

Thinking about the different customer journeys that are required on your website and the best ways to capture leads is critical for the success of an inbound programme.

Consider all the different entry points that your website has based on customer intent and ensure that your onsite lead capture is doing the right job for the appropriate customer experience.

For example, if you're promoting a premium content asset that provides a great deal of value for your customers, it's likely that you will want to use a gated landed page and capture some important contact details from your target customer.

Alternatively, lightweight blog posts that bring your customers in via SEO will most likely be ungated, so using popup forms and chatbots to generate newsletter sign ups will be effective and low barrier ways of collecting customer data.

5. Make the Investment in Content Performance Reporting

Understanding the performance of content is key to iterating and enhancing results while also improving the value delivered over time. However, this is often challenging. 

Most out of the box reports don’t provide all the key data necessary and so reporting customisation is required to align with content objectives. 

To achieve this ambition, it’s important to identify the key inbound marketing metrics that matter for your business and that the vanity metrics take a back seat. In reality, conversion and engagement should be the priority, not just visibility. 

The best reporting infrastructures are mostly automated and gather the key data points into a single, easy-to-understand location. 

Finally, with access to this data, it’s important action is taken based on the insights they deliver. There’s no point collecting the data if you aren’t going to use it! 

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Could we be your next strategic marketing partner?

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