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7 Killer Stats Reveal The True Potential of B2B Chatbots

October 23, 2019, by Digital Litmus

7 Killer Stats Reveal The True Potential of B2B Chatbots

Chatbot usage in B2B businesses is in the ascendancy. But like any new market technology, it can be easy to get lost in the hype. Fortunately, B2B chatbots really do fulfil the grand expectations set upon them, helping businesses get exceptional lead generation and website conversion results.

If your business isn’t using one yet and you still need some convincing, here are 7 killer stats that’ll do just that.

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Chatbots adoption is rising in B2B businesses


Skyscraper Image with a Statistic on Chatbot Technology


There’s a common misconception that the value of chatbots mostly applies to the B2C sector for quick, cheap and easy sales, but the truth of the matter is, they’re actually used more commonly in B2B.

Offering value across the entire buyer journey, from prospect education, to data capture and beyond, B2B chatbots create fantastic opportunities to engage and nurture leads towards larger and more complex purchases. 

Chatbots meet a consumer need for speed


Red Blue and Purple Lights and a Statistic about Chatbots


Chatbots are available 24/7, and this gives them the upper hand over most other interactive communication channels. They are there when and where prospects need them most. This level of widespread instant access empowers users to engage when they’re ready and eliminates inconvenient blockers in the nurturing process. 

Chatbots are challenging email as a communication channel


A Person Typing on a Computer Keyboard and a Statistic on Consumers using Messaging


After years of frustrating back and forth over email, users are seeking alternative channels to engage with companies for a better experience. Offering an extremely low barrier to entry and instant responses, B2B chatbots take full advantage of email’s biggest weaknesses and are likely to continue chipping away at email usage as the benefits become clear. 

Chatbots bring efficiencies into businesses


A Man in a Black Coat Looking Out to Sea and a Statistic on Chatbots


Using AI, B2B chatbots can automate the early stages of communication and free up time for executives to focus on how best to deliver value to prospects once they have become genuine opportunities. They reduce the need for in input in repetitive and low-value areas so focus can be maintained on those that make a real difference.

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Chatbots are used by the very best businesses


Blue Ripples Image and a Statistic on Artificial Intelligence for Marketing


The very best companies take advantage of new opportunities ahead of the competition, so its unsurprising that those achieving market-leading success are using AI to optimise their marketing efforts and maximise efficiency.  

Chatbots are making their way into MarTech stacks


 Three Metal Cogs and a Statistic on Chatbot Automation


Chatbots usage is growing fast! As one of the simplest implementations of AI, many companies are using chatbots are a way to dip their toe in the water, so it make sense that the majority will at least have some form of chatbot sooner rather than later. 

Chatbot investment is on the rise


Close Up of a Laptop and a Statistic on Bots and Chatbot Creation


As AI continues to improve, the opportunities will continue to grow and user expectations will evolve too. This will force many companies to invest in AI to avoid being left behind, just having a working mobile app won’t be enough.

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Could we be your next strategic marketing partner?

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