ArchOver is the world's first insured and secured crowdlending offer that helps companies to borrow.

Industry: Peer-to-peer lending, startup
Techniques: Heatmap, Stats analysis, Developed hypothesis backlog


The ArchOver business is going from strength to strength and is now entering into a significant  growth phase.

The current website has performed well but as the business grows there are new demands and it’s quickly being outgrown so a website redesign has been commissioned.

It was recognised that before scaling marketing efforts, user research and conversion optimisation would be imperative to achieve the best return on investment.

Customer insights

The ArchOver team wanted to build up as much customer insight as possible before moving into the website redesign phase.

They wanted to be sure that when the new site was being designed, that it was building on the successes of the current website and learning from its mistakes.

They wanted to know where the existing website is underperforming and use that information to shape the design of the new website.

“We were looking for data to underpin our design decisions”
Ian Anderson, ArchOver COO


DigitalLitmus proposed that The Litmus Test be run on the ArchOver website to gather as much customer insight and conversion opportunity data as possible before a redesign takes place.

The primary area of focus was the Individual Lender sign-up funnel.

As part of The Litmus Test, DigtalLitmus carried out the following activities:

  • Google Analytics healthcheck to ensure conversion tracking and goals were all set up correctly.
  • A full Google Analytics funnel analysis to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Remote user recordings were used to gain insight into problem areas and identify why users struggle to convert.
  • Scrollmaps were analysed to understand what information users are consuming and what they’re missing.
  • Mouse movement analysis was used to identify trends in user behaviour and visually see how they are interacting with the page.
  • Mouse click analysis was carried out to spot where users are interacting as intended or having difficulty with pages.
  • Heuristic analysis was used to suggest improvements to the funnel and individual pages that could improve conversion.
  • Form interaction analysis was carried out to find bottlenecks in form field completions. This enables us to see where users are abandoning forms and understand why that’s happening.
  • hypothesis backlog was created from all the insight activities above which listed out and prioritised all the opportunities for optimisation.

DigitalLitmus has given us a huge amount of insight into how our users are interacting with our website and what we can do to improve it”

Ian Anderson, ArchOver COO


The Litmus Test insights generated a backlog of optimisation improvements that the ArchOver team have been able to take with them into their website redesign.

Key findings from the research include:

  • The interstitial registration page is causing more than 50% abandonment.
  • There’s a 135% re-fill rate on password field.
  • The terms and conditions checkbox is causing a 29% drop-off.
  • Mobile layout bugs are causing difficulty – fixing them will improve conversion.

ArchOver are now armed with the facts they need to approach the redesign with confidence that they are going to build on their past successes and ready their online presence for the future.

We feel like we are moving into the next phase of our business armed with the data we need to make the right decisions.”

Ian Anderson, ArchOver COO