Creating and marketing the award-winning presentation tool for school

Industry: Edtech startup
Techniques: UX Research, UX & UI Design, Analytics, Marketing strategy, Social media marketing, Email campaign


Being able to communicate and present your ideas is vital; it requires creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and good communication, all vital skills for children to develop.

At school, students are often told to focus on achieving high exam scores, missing out on these life skills.

At the same time teachers are looking to engage their students, and are increasingly using software to do so.

The problem is that many classrooms use complicated software which is designed for use in the office, not the classroom.

It’s usually complicated, bloated and unsafe, a key concern of teachers.


We wanted to encourage kids to research, create and present their ideas, so we thought about how we could take the tools of the business world and re-imagine them for students.

This way, the students learn the skills required for the workplace, but can let their imaginations run wild without being frustrated with the tools they use.

We created Biteslide, the engaging presentation tool for school.


We grew our user base organically from zero to 22,000 unique visitors per month, producing 300,000 page views and generating revenue.

Just as importantly the product is loved by teachers and students alike.

The kids are excited to do their work and they are so proud to show their presentations to the class.
Michele Freeman,
Riverside High School, USA