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Re-imagining annuity comparison tables

Industry: Financial Technology, public sector
Techniques: UX Research, UX Design, Product Design, Responsive design on mobile and desktop


Annuities are complex financial products with many different options to consider. And on the whole when an annuity is purchased, the decision is irreversible.

Most commercial comparison websites act as lead generators for financial companies, and the information is at best biased towards preferred products.

Consumers needed an annuity comparison tool that educated them to make the right choice as well as allowing them to compare across the whole of the annuities market.


Armed with extensive market research the DigitalLitmus team began a programme of user interviews and testing to uncover the challenges that people faced when learning about and choosing an annuity.

Traditional comparison websites allow users to enter a few numbers, make choices and then be presented with a ranked list of the ‘best’ annuity offers.

Inevitably, the first result appears to be the most attractive, and so users will choose it.

After a period of rapid prototyping, user testing, and experimentation the team arrived at a concept that educated users on the different annuity options, in addition to the ability to compare products across providers.

A solution that offered users the ability to see the effect of their choices, side-by-side, and the effect on their income over time emerged as the best route forward.


The DigitalLitmus team designed a revolutionary way to compare annuities using an innovative user interface element – the results card.

These cards are more flexible and user-friendly than standard data tables and work far better on mobile devices.

After many iterations of card design, we opted for a system that enabled users to compare multiple cards side-by-side, enabling them to quickly see the differences between options.

The final product has been a resounding success with customers and has been held up in the industry as an exemplar of best practice comparison.

Following the retirement and pension changes of early 2015, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) declared that the concept and card UI we designed should be the basis for annuity comparison industry-wide.

After launch of the comparison table, conversions increased by over 300% with over 80% successfully completing their annuity comparison journey.

300%increase in conversions