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Digital Litmus have been a highly strategic and responsive demand generation partner for us. The content engine they developed for us has positively lifted our website traffic, lead volume and search rankings.

KEILIAN KNUDSEN, Founder, Digital Knights

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Content Production & Promotion

Digital Knights is a leading Information Technology platform that helps disruptive startups and high growth businesses to match and engage with elite software development partners.

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The founders approached us to help them to start shifting the reliance on outbound and start generating quality inbound traffic and leads. …


Since the beginning, Digital Knights had grown successfully primarily using outbound channels. This meant that the business had a limited search presence and generated minimal traffic from organic channels.

Now looking to accelerate growth, the founders approached us to help them to start shifting the reliance on outbound and start generating quality inbound traffic and leads. 

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For inbound marketing to work effectively, it's vital that sales and marketing efforts are fully aligned. This maximises the potential of leads that come in from an investment in content production and promotion.

With that in mind, we moved Digital Knights' website and existing MarTech onto the Hubspot platform, giving them a complete end-to-end view of their demand generation activity through Hubspot CRM, Marketing Hub and Sales Pro. 

From there we developed a robust content strategy, redesigned key conversion paths on the website and then ran an SEO focused content production and promotion programme to generate traffic and qualified leads.

HubSpot Setup & Website Optimisation

We migrated the Digital Knights website from Wordpress to HubSpot before completing the setup of the HubSpot Marketing tools, which would enable transparency on marketing performance and create efficiencies. This included landing page template design, email template build, social media accounts integration, and reporting dashboard setup.

We later ran a Growth Driven Design project that revamped the existing website, highlighting the Digital Knights proposition and improving overall usability and readability. The new website was delivered within 4 weeks, with new adaptable templates and website modules to simplify content management.

It was important to ensure the key website conversion paths were fully optimised before pushing traffic to it. This gave DK the best chance to convert leads right from the off.…

Tony Joseph | DigitalLitmus Strategy Director

Digital Knights Webpages on Hiring Software Development Teams and Vetting Development Partners

Content Strategy & Production

After completing a series of collaborative workshops to establish key personas, segments and customer journeys, we utilised this knowledge to develop a content strategy. This involved 5 different stages:

  • SEO research to identify keyword opportunities
  • Competitor research to establish a competitive edge
  • Content mapping to identify gaps that were relevant to the customer journey
  • Topic cluster development that aligned with customer needs
  • Content roadmap planning to scaling content development and promotion

We developed a variety of content which included blog posts, pillar pages, eBooks and case studies. Each piece of content had a unique promotion and distribution strategy associated with it to drive engagement and leads. 

The content strategy was centred around customer pain-points. This gives you the best chance of your content resonating with your target audience by helping to solve their problems.…

Seb Hardman | Digital Litmus Managing Director

Digital Knights Webpages on Team Extension Software Developer Skills and Hiring Software Developers

Content Promotion and Lead Nurture

With the content programme in full flight, we ran a process of audience testing across paid social channels. This was designed to rapidly find Digital Knights' target audience through paid promotion.

Having identified audience pools, we then ran an ongoing programme of content promotion, doubling down on any content that generated high quality engagement and MQL volume. 

Once MQLs had been generated, they entered a bespoke lead nurture system, designed to move them through the buyer journey until they were ready to be passed to sales.

Lead nurture was a vital component of Digital Knights' lead management process. Powering nurture with automation maximises sales team efficiency so leads are only handed over when they've shown genuine intent.…

Tania Rae | DigitalLitmus Head of Operations

Digital Knights Guide on the Do's and Dont's for Building a Remote Development Team


Building an integrated inbound demand generation machine generated excellent results shown by the increase in quality inbound traffic in a one-year period.

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Increase in MQLs

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Increase in organic keyword coverage

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Increase in year on year website sessions


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