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Sales Enablement Agency

Boost Your Sales Team's Performance

Buyers are more demanding and sales is getting harder. Give your sales team the best technology, processes, and content to elevate their performance.
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SPEKTRIX   |   Jennifer Barrett

SPEKTRIX | Jennifer Barrett
VP of Business Development & Marketing

“The Spektrix growth challenge is complex, nuanced, and unique to our market. Digital Litmus designed a growth strategy aligned to our goals and focused on our customer. Their strategy and execution generated outstanding results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


How can we close more deals, faster? Where are the inefficiencies in our sales ops? How can we get away from manual tasks? Our sales enablement solutions are the answer.



If your sales team is spending the majority of their time doing manual tasks, then it's time to invest in sales automation. Deliver outbound efforts at scale, with more personalisation than ever before, and get the insights you need as a sales leader to optimise messaging and process.
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What makes your prospects tick? And what's stopping them in their tracks? We unlock the customer insights you need to answer these questions, then develop content that hits the mark. By equipping your sales team with the tools and content they need, you'll close deals faster than ever before.
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How can you cut through the noisy world of outbound email? Video is far more engaging than standard text email and calls. We'll help you take advantage of video in your sales process so sales reps can do a better job of personalising their responses and accelerate where prospects are in the pipeline.
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Almost every B2B buyer is on LinkedIn. Your job is to get them to pay attention to your business. We help you do that through systematic LinkedIn strategies that build up your target connection base at scale, engage prospects through content, and open the door to a sales conversation with persona-led LinkedIn Inmail sequences.
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Sales Enablement


hexagonBuyer Persona Development

Know your audience inside out. We create detailed buyer personas, empowering your sales teams with insights to engage, convert, and nurture leads effectively.

hexagonCRM Setup & Optimisation

Streamline your sales processes. Our services configure and fine-tune CRM systems, ensuring efficient data management, improved lead tracking, and enhanced sales performance.

hexagonSales Analytics & Reporting

Data-driven insights for growth. We provide comprehensive sales analytics and reporting, empowering your team with actionable data to refine strategies, boost conversions, and drive success.

hexagonCase Studies

Tell real-world success stories. We create compelling case studies that highlight how you drive tangible results, providing valuable evidence of your success to your buyers.

hexagonSales Emails & Sequences

Focus your outreach. We design and implement effective sales email templates and sequences, enhancing your sales comms and nurturing leads for conversion.

hexagonBrochures & eBooks

Create knockout sales collateral. We design eye-catching brochures and eBooks that engage prospects, communicate value, and support your sales efforts.

hexagonLead Scoring

Prioritise leads with precision. We implement advanced lead scoring systems, helping your sales team focus on high-value prospects and increasing conversion rates.

hexagonLead Nurturing

Guide prospects to conversion. We create personalised lead nurturing strategies, delivering relevant content and interactions that build relationships and accelerate the sales journey.

hexagonLanding Pages

Capture leads effectively. We create high-converting landing pages that engage visitors, encourage action, and drive lead generation for your sales team.


Discovery Meeting

1. Discovery Meeting

In this collaborative session, we delve deep into your sales processes, goals, and challenges to tailor our approach to driving connected growth.

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2. Sales Enablement Audit

A comprehensive assessment to evaluate your existing sales processes, tools, and strategies, uncovering opportunities for improvement.

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3. Enablement Programme

Ongoing provision of sales enablement services, including training, support, and strategy refinement to support your sales team's future success.

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Let's connect growth in your business

The future of your business is too important to leave to random acts of marketing and a cobbled tech stack. Leave behind fragmented growth strategies and fulfil your potential with our Fusion approach.




star in a hexagonConnected Solution for Business Growth

Experience the benefit of a connected customer journey strategy. Our comprehensive approach covers every angle, from marketing to sales, giving you a one-stop solution for accelerated growth.

star in a hexagonUnify Teams, Multiply Results

Break down the silos between your marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams. Aligned goals and seamless collaboration mean faster decision-making and better results.

star in a hexagonGet Ahead and Stay Ahead

Learn exactly where your competitors are falling short and how you can capitalize on their weaknesses. Stay ahead by continuously adapting your strategy based on real-time insights.

star in a hexagonMessaging that Maximises ROI

Ensure your content speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of your target audience. A tailored content strategy results in higher engagement, more qualified leads, and ultimately, better ROI.

star in a hexagonClose Deals Faster

Give your sales team everything they need to succeed, from the right tools to actionable insights. An empowered sales team means shorter sales cycles and a higher close rate.

star in a hexagonDominate Search Rankings

Secure top rankings in search engine results through a well-planned keyword strategy. Higher visibility means more organic traffic, reducing your dependency on paid advertising channels.



Are you a B2B business looking to get away from disconnected sales & marketing? Would you like to systematically attract more prospects and close deals faster? If so, then get in touch for a free growth assessment to uncover new opportunities for your business.

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