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HubSpot is a powerful tool that can truly accelerate your growth. Let's make the most of your investment and optimise for success.

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Are you a B2B business looking to get away from disconnected sales & marketing? Would you like to systematically attract more prospects and close deals faster? If so, then get in touch for a free growth assessment to uncover new opportunities for your business.

Here's how it works:

  • You submit the assessment form
  • We set up a 30 minute intro call
  • You complete a short questionnaire
  • Our experts do the analysis
  • We have a follow up to present opportunities & solutions
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Free Expert Advice

We'll look into your current strategies and offer expert advice that’s straightforward, practical, and actionable. No surprises or complex jargon—just clear guidance to help you improve your marketing efforts.


No Obligation Review

You’re in full control with the review. We’ll provide you with insights and recommendations, but where you take them is up to you. We're here to help, no pressure. It’s honest advice with your best interests at heart.


Fast Turnaround

Time is of the essence, so we don’t dawdle. Expect a swift and thorough assessment that gives you quick wins and long-term suggestions, all delivered with the urgency your business deserves. Let us help you move the needle without the wait.

SPEKTRIX   |   Jennifer Barrett

SPEKTRIX | Jennifer Barrett
VP of Business Development & Marketing

“The strategy developed by Digital Litmus has generated outstanding results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


hexa-17Website Review

Find opportunities on your website to engage and convert more prospects. Receive key insights to elevate your site’s user journey and performance.

hexa-16Brand Check

A top-line brand check to assess your logo, fonts, colours, and design consistency. Brand advice that will help you to shine with more clarity and impact.

hexa-15Messaging Breakdown

An analysis of your key messages to ensure they align with your audience's needs and your business goals. Understand how you can sharpen up your messaging for growth.

hexa-14SEO Healthcheck

A review of your SEO fundamentals with recommendations to improve your search engine visibility. Learn where you can boost your search engine presence for higher traffic and better relevance.

hexa-13Content Strategy Review

Evaluation of your content strategy with your audience's interests and strategic opportunities. Discover ways to make your content work harder to attract, engage, and convert.

hexa-12Paid Ads Check Up

A paid campaign check up that will reveal opportunities to optimise spend and targeting. Get get advice on how to make your ad budget work smarter for a better ROI.

Growth Programme Case Study


RocheMartin’s CEO engaged us to work as an extension of their team; develop a growth strategy, revamp their online presence and run integrated demand generation activity which would generate commercial impact across marketing, sales and customer success.

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Is the growth assessment really free?

In a word, yes! There are no costs involved whatsoever and no commitment to working with us beyond the assessment.

What kinds of opportunities might be discovered?

Sometimes it needs another set of eyes to look at the problem. We often find big opportunities that are pretty easy to leverage. There's a vast number of possibilities, but examples include profitable SEO niches, value proposition issues, leaky website funnels, and wasted ad spend. 

Can Digital Litmus help me execute on the opportunities?

We would love to! As well as sharing the growth opportunities with you, we will explain how we could help you with them. No big sales pitch, just a discussion around how we can deliver the opportunities we've identified to grow your business.

What are the options for working with Digital Litmus?

You can work with us on a project basis or a retained growth programme model. Read more about how we work here

How much does it cost to work with Digital Litmus?

If we create a growth programme for your business, it will be unique and the pricing will be tailored for you. However, we understand you need some guidance, so head over to our pricing page to find out more.