“If you want digital growth, you need DigitalLitmus”

Sebastian Lewis, CEO, SoleTrader.com

The three ways we can work together

Customer Acquisition

Inbound or Outbound? PPC or content marketing? To build an integrated digital marketing machine for your business we start with a rapid and robust strategic analysis. Then we execute fast, data-driven marketing experiments to find sustainable channels that scale predictably. And when we’ve found what works, we accelerate growth.

Growth-Driven Design

Are you tired of gut-feel design and just having to take the expert’s word for it? We’re not like that. When we design, we design for growth. We set SMART goals and measure everything we do. We optimise for conversion and minimise risk with rapid prototyping and iteration. Our design mantra is R-O-I.

Marketing Automation

How do you do more with less and increase your return on marketing investment? Marketing automation helps you to acquire, convert, and retain more prospects and customers in an automated way. Smart landing pages, lead nurturing, and social media automation will convert your visitors into leads, and your leads into sales.

Our process

1. Foundation for Growth

Our processes are designed to unlock digital growth. The starting point is a high-impact strategic workshop. We map the customer journey, analysing current digital performance and identifying new opportunities. We analyse every aspect of your business relevant to digital growth. The output is a robust digital growth strategy, model, and roadmap.

2. Growth Roadmap

The Growth Roadmap isn’t based on gut-feel, it’s derived from qualitative research, data, and expert insight. It’s the scientific way to design and execute customer acquisition, growth-driven design, and marketing automation experiments. This is your plan to build a scalable and repeatable digital growth machine for your business.

3. Growth programme

Now we have the plan, we execute. Our team of marketing and design experts deliver rapid marketing experimentation, growth-driven design, and marketing automation. We track, measure, and optimise everything we do and iterate our way to success.

Our services


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Growth strategy development
  • Growth roadmap creation
  • Growth process development
  • Growth consulting
  • Metrics dashboards & analytics

Customer Acquisition

  • Landing page design & build
  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • Outbound email campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • Facebook paid campaigns

Growth-Driven Design

  • SMART goals & metrics
  • Qual & quant analysis
  • User Testing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Marketing Automation

  • Requirements analysis
  • Automation sequence design
  • Content design
  • Lead capture
  • Lead nurturing
  • Solution implementation

Our experience

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