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Harness the Power of Connected Growth

B2B channels are saturated and lead gen is slowing. There's a crisis of disconnection. But if you prioritise customer connection, you will grow faster. It's time to act with the Fusion Blueprint.
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The B2B buyer journey has changed forever

Buyers want to be in the driving seat and engage with sales at the last minute. Friction must be removed and customers delighted.

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More channels, more data, so many options…

It’s getting really complex out there and this can lead to Random Acts of Marketing. Building a connected strategy is the best solution. 

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Content chaos reigns supreme

Content done right is hands-down the best way to connect with your customers. But content chaos is prevalent and can lead to sluggish growth.

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More leads, better conversion, revenue growth

Want more leads, website support, or your sales team to close deals more quickly? Our Growth Programmes are the strategic, systematic, and integrated approach to driving long-term growth in your business. 

Save time and money

A connected strategy optimises your ad spend, streamlines your tech stack, and weeds out inefficiency. 

Seize new opportunities

Connected Growth means looking at the bigger picture to find the right growth levers to accelerate your business. 


The Fusion Blueprint is the fastest and most efficient way to build your connected Go-To-Market strategy. It's a comprehensive yet rapid approach, delivering a series of audits, workshops, and analysis to deliver your blueprint for success.


Connected Growth requires a strategic and integrated approach. The Blueprint delivers a comprehensive analysis to map your optimal path for growth.

Goal Setting

  • Review all Go-To-Market goals and metrics
  • Create a funnel model for the next 12 months 
  • Explore process for tracking goals & metrics

Buyer Personas

  • Buyer personas workshop
  • Customer & team interviews
  • Create GTM personas with needs, pain points, journeys

Sales Enablement

  • Map your current and ideal sales processes
  • Enablement content review & recommendations
  • Tech & data audit & recommendations


  • Lead management review
  • Customer journey automation analysis
  • Sales & Service process automation analysis 


  • Customer journey AI use case analysis
  • Content creation AI use case analysis
  • Roadmap for AI introduction

Paid Media

  • Paid media audit covering creative, targeting, messaging, and budget 
  • Competitor audit & analysis
  • Paid media strategy review & recommendations

Positioning & Messaging

  • Positioning & Messaging workshop
  • Competitor review
  • Messaging strategy review & recommendations


  • Comprehensive SEO performance review
  • Technical SEO website audit
  • SEO Strategy review & recommendations


  • Website design, content and performance review
  • Competitor website review
  • Website strategy review & recommendations

Tech Stack

  • GTM tech stack audit & workshop 
  • Covering CRM, Marketing, Sales & Service
  • Tech stack analysis and recommendations (as-is vs future)


  • Content quality and performance audit (blogging, high-value content, conversion offers)
  • Competitor content review
  • Content strategy recommendations

Social Media

  • Organic social quality and performance audit across Meta, LinkedIn & Twitter 
  • Competitor strategy review
  • Social media strategy recommendations


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1. Kick-off Call

Initial discussion to outline the scope, objectives, and expectations for the strategy development process.

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2. Workshops & Audits

Interactive sessions and audits to dive deeper into each element, involving key stakeholders for input and alignment.

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3. Strategy Blueprint

Your Fusion Blueprint with a cohesive strategy and specific activities for the next 12 months.



star in a hexagon iconConnected Solution for Business Growth

Experience the benefit of a connected customer journey strategy. Our comprehensive approach covers every angle, from marketing to sales, giving you a one-stop solution for accelerated growth.

star in a hexagon iconUnify Teams, Multiply Results

Break down the silos between your marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams. Aligned goals and seamless collaboration mean faster decision-making and better results.

star in a hexagon iconClose Bigger & Better Deals Faster

Give your sales team everything they need to succeed, from the right tools to actionable insights. An empowered sales team means shorter sales cycles and a higher close rate.

star in a hexagon iconGet Ahead and Stay Ahead

Learn exactly where your competitors are falling short and how you can capitalize on their weaknesses. Stay ahead by continuously adapting your strategy based on real-time insights.

star in a hexagon iconMessaging that Maximises ROI

Ensure your content speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of your target audience. A tailored content strategy results in higher engagement, more qualified leads, and ultimately, better ROI.

star in a hexagon iconDominate Search Rankings

Secure top rankings in search engine results through a well-planned keyword strategy. Higher visibility means more organic traffic, reducing your dependency on paid advertising channels.


VP of Business Development & Marketing

"We consider Digital Litmus to be a true extension of our team. Their Fusion Blueprint transformed our approach to marketing, creating huge efficiencies and commercial success."


£1.6m Closed Won

£540k Net New Pipeline

307 Marketing Qualified Leads


What is the Fusion Blueprint?

The Fusion Blueprint is the fastest and most efficient way to build a connected Go-To-Market strategy. It is a strategic and integrated approach to drive growth and eliminate inefficiency.

How long does the Fusion Blueprint take?

It usually takes 2 - 4 weeks from starting the engagement to presentation of your blueprint. We'll keep you informed throughout the process so there's no surprises.

How much does the Fusion Blueprint cost?

The Fusion Blueprint usually costs £2k - £5k depending on the modules you need.  We hope you'll agree that this is a cost-effective investment given the huge returns it can generate for your business.

Is the Fusion Blueprint right for me?

The Fusion Blueprint is perfect for you if you are a senior leader in a B2B small to midsize business and are looking to rapidly build your go-to-market strategy. It's not right for you if you are a B2C business or a B2B Enterprise business. It's also probably not a great fit if you want to build your strategy internally - then maybe our other services might be a better fit.  

What happens after the Fusion Blueprint?

Once we've presented the Fusion Blueprint to you, we will then work with you to refine and ensure it meets your needs. At this point you have a few options: a) you can ask us to deliver everything on the roadmap; b) you can ask us to work with your in-house teams to apportion the roadmap accordingly; or c) you can take the strategy for execution solely by your in-house teams. The choice is yours!

Do I need all of the Connected Growth Blueprint modules?

In a word, yes. Our philosophy is that a Connected Strategy is the one that works best. That means looking across the piste to ensure that we are driving growth and efficiency wherever we can. Of course, some areas may be more or less relevant depending on your business and we will flex the process to meet your specific needs.


Are you a B2B business looking to get away from disconnected sales & marketing? Would you like to systematically attract more prospects and close deals faster? If so, then get in touch for a free growth assessment to uncover new opportunities for your business.

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