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HubSpot is a powerful tool that can truly accelerate your growth. Let's make the most of your investment and optimise for success.

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Are fragmented growth strategies holding you back?

Leave random acts of marketing behind and accelerate growth with a strategic, systematic, and integrated growth programme.
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The Buyer Journey Has Changed Forever

3% of a B2B buyers time is spent engaging with Sales - the rest is on their terms. You need to adapt how you engage in their journey.

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Disconnected People, Process, and Systems

Modern marketing, data, and technology are inseparable. But it tends to be messy. You need a seamless approach that connects you to your customers.

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More Channels, More Content, More Noise

Cutting through the noise is getting ever harder. You need to tell your story in a connected and consistent way across channels.

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We believe inside every business there is growth waiting to happen - it just needs the spark. That’s where our Fusion Growth model comes in - a comprehensive planning, delivery, and measurement model to deliver efficient growth.

Attract More

The Fusion Model joins the dots across Paid and Organic channels, so you can deliver strategies to attract more of your ideal customers.

Engage Further

The Fusion Model helps you to connect with your buyers and deepen engagement.  Give your buyers what they need to convert them into customers.

Delight Better

Your existing customers can be your best source of growth with brand advocacy and upsell. The Fusion Model delivers strategies to seize this opportunity.

Our Services


Work with us project-by-project or in a strategic growth programme - the choice is yours
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Marketing Strategy

Create a tailored roadmap to elevate your brand, engage your target audience, and drive measurable results through a comprehensive and data-driven approach.

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Content & SEO

Create high-quality content and implement cutting-edge SEO strategies to boost visibility, drive organic traffic, and maximise digital impact.

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Paid Campaigns

Leverage strategic paid advertising to propel your brand's reach, generate leads, and achieve ROI-driven success in the competitive digital landscape.

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Blend design, functionality, and usability to  empower your brand to make a lasting impression and drive the website metrics that matter.

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Sales Enablement

Equip your sales teams with cutting-edge tools, strategies, and resources to accelerate revenue growth and enhance customer engagement.

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HubSpot & RevOps

Optimise your revenue operations, leveraging the power of HubSpot to streamline sales, marketing, and customer success for connected growth.

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We’re incredibly proud of the team of experts that we’ve brought together to help you achieve your growth goals. You’ll partner with a cross-functional pod of our dedicated experts passionate about delivering growth for your business.

This is the strategic leader of the pod. They bring huge experience to the team and ensure that your growth programme is always on course.

Demand Gen Strategist

Crafting compelling narratives, aligning content with brand goals, and guiding digital storytelling, the Content Strategist engages audiences and drives meaningful connections.

Content Strategist

Designing visually captivating assets, infusing creativity, and refining user experiences, your Designer plays a key role in creating memorable digital experiences.


Developing technical solutions and digital tools, your Developer will create technical excellence and robust solutions.


Supporting your RevOps technologies and processes, your RevOps Executive will help create systems and processes to align your teams.

RevOps Executive

Managing your projects, ensuring timelines, and fostering collaboration, your Project Manager ensures we deliver successful project outcomes.

Project Manager

Crafting engaging content, tailoring messages to target audiences, and optimising for impact, your Content Writer fuels your brand storytelling.

Content Writer

Delivering demand gen strategies and growth-focused projects, your Demand Gen Executive fuels your growth with strategic marketing and lead gen efforts.

Demand Gen Executive

Our Ethos



Successful growth always starts with strategy. Our robust strategy toolkit ensures you are always doing the right things and doing things right. 


Our systematic growth model creates technology and repeatable processes that increase your growth velocity and compounds returns over time.


Planning across the buyer journey and deploying an integrated channel approach always delivers better results and value for money.

SPEKTRIX   |   Jennifer Barrett

SPEKTRIX | Jennifer Barrett
VP of Business Development & Marketing

“The Spektrix growth challenge is complex, nuanced, and unique to our market. The Fusion Model aligned our goals and focused our growth activities. Digital Litmus strategy and execution generated outstanding results. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


£1.6m Closed Business

48% Target Accounts Engaged

307 Marketing Qualified Leads


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