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We consider Digital Litmus to be a true extension of our team. Their Fusion Blueprint transformed our approach to marketing, creating huge efficiencies and commercial success.

JENNIFER BARRETT, VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix


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Fusion Blueprint & Growth Programme

The client

Spektrix is the market leader in the UK and Ireland, and the fastest growing CRM solution in the US and Canada.

Their platform is used by over 600+ Arts sector organisations around the world to help them empower their teams, grow their customer base and increase revenue through data-driven insights and comprehensive strategic support.

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Spektrix were poised for growth, but needed a connected approach to their sales, marketing and service…


Spektrix was poised for growth but were having challenges syncing up the activities of their marketing, sales and success teams.

Without a Connected Strategy, they were were struggling to target and engage decision-makers effectively.

The goal was to create a more sophisticated approach that would not only generate leads but also convert them into sales opportunities further down the funnel, maximising HubSpot along the way.

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To streamline Spektrix's disconnected sales and marketing efforts into a unified force for demand generation, developing a detailed strategy was crucial, one that was deeply informed by an understanding of their ideal customer.

The Fusion Blueprint emerged as the pivotal element in Spektrix's strategic transformation.

Digital Litmus harnessed the Blueprint's thorough approach to establish a solid foundation that would revolutionise Spektrix's marketing and sales outcomes.

The strategy underscored the importance of leveraging their HubSpot Tech Stack to its full potential, revamping their lead management with automated workflows that cleared the path for targeted, well-defined campaigns, and enhancing their reporting capabilities.

In the culmination of these efforts, we initiated marketing campaigns focused on particular accounts, igniting interest and generating a stream of sales-ready leads.

The Fusion Blueprint

To build a rapid picture of the state of play and growth opportunities, we ran our Fusion Blueprint.

This involved a series of strategic audits and workshops, which included:
  • Goal Setting: Aligning objectives with Spektrix’s mission and KPIs.
  • Competitor Research: Analysing the market to identify opportunities.
  • Positioning & Messaging Audit: Refining Spektrix’s value proposition.
  • SEO & Paid Media Audits: Optimising for visibility and efficiency.
  • RevOps, Sales Enablement & Tech Stack Audits: Equipping the sales team and streamlining technology.
  • Content & Social Media Audits: Enhancing engagement and lead generation.
  • Website Audit: Boosting engagement and conversion.

From these a number of priority areas to accelerate growth were identified to tackle within a 12 month roadmap of activity.

The Fusion Blueprint gave us invaluable insights, built our tailored growth roadmap, and fully aligned our sales and marketing efforts for the year ahead.…

Jennifer Barrett | Spektrix VP of Business Development & Marketing

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RevOps and Sales Enablement

A robust foundation with HubSpot's comprehensive tools was needed to fully align sales, marketing and success teams. This involved:
  • Implementing a solid lead management framework: Synchronising sales and marketing efforts.
  • Crafting management reporting dashboards: Improving transparency of the key business metrics and opportunities for improvement.
  • Lead scoring and nurturing implementation in HubSpot: Priming leads for sales engagement.
  • Refining marketing automation: Ensuring seamless integration across all channels for a unified approach.
  • Extensive team training to upskill on HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs.

We were keen to bring new efficiencies to our sales and marketing efforts which were often misaligned, manual, and hard to track. With the projects that Digital Litmus delivered, we saw quicker results with less effort.…

Ben Park | Spektrix Global Head of Marketing

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) Campaigns

Leveraging the insights from the Fusion Blueprint, we crafted a six-month ABM campaign targeting high-value accounts.

The campaign featured tailored content, including:

  • A comprehensive industry guide on the topic of 'Revenue Maximisation'
  • A supporting series of SEO-focused blog posts
  • Personalised sales outreach to priority target accounts
  • A nurturing campaign designed to funnel leads towards booking a consultation with Spektrix.

By honing in on Spektrix's target accounts through a highly integrated ABM campaign, we were able to generate a strong pipeline of business for the team to close.…

Tony Joseph | DigitalLitmus Strategy Director

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The foundations laid by the Fusion Blueprint delivered Spektrix's most successful demand generation campaign to date.

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