We consider Digital Litmus to be a true extension of our team. They’ve transformed our approach to marketing, creating huge efficiencies and commercial success.

JENNIFER BARRETT, VP of Business Development & Marketing, Spektrix

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Spektrix provides a full stack of technology and services for sales, marketing, fundraising and admin teams in the venues industry.

A member of the prestigious Financial Times FT1000 list of fastest growing businesses in Europe, they work with over 340 organisations around the world helping them understand data about their customers and donors, in order to deepen relationships and grow revenues.

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Spektrix needed to improve their overall planning, execution and measurement of campaigns…


Spektrix had run marketing campaigns in the past but felt like they needed to improve their overall planning, execution and measurement of campaigns.

They were looking to change their approach to demand generation and work with a strategic partner who could bring some rigour to their sales and marketing efforts, take their MarTech stack to the next level, and hone in on target accounts to generate sales opportunities. 

Digital Litmus Demand Generation Machine


Our goal was simple. To turn Spektrix's siloed sales and marketing efforts into a fully integrated Demand Generation Machine.

Firstly we needed to develop a robust demand generation strategy, rooted in a clear understanding of their ideal customer.

We then set about layering on the MarTech foundations and operationalising Spektrix's sales reps with sales automation.

Finally, we orchestrated account based marketing campaigns that honed in on target accounts to generate engagement and sales opportunities.

Demand Generation Strategy

We started with strategic roadmapping, an intensive period of strategy work that meticulously analyses the current state of play and identifies the key opportunities for growth. From this we developed a bespoke demand generation strategy and roadmap of activity designed to meet the business objectives including. 

  • Customer segmentation and persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • MarTech audit and reconfiguration
  • Sales Automation Setup
  • Account Based Marketing Campaigns

The strategic roadmapping process gave us great insights, designed the demand generation strategy, and fully aligned our sales and marketing efforts for the year ahead.…

Jennifer Barrett | Spektrix VP of Business Development & Marketing

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Martech & Sales Enablement Setup

Effective demand generation needs to be powered by solid MarTech foundations and a thorough audit of Spektrix's MarTech stack flagged up some major issues in this area.

We reconfigured Spektrix's marketing automation software so it worked in harmony with their CRM and website, built new campaign landing pages, and set up workflows that ensured sales-ready leads were passed straight to sales.

We then set about operationalising Spektrix's sales reps, setting up sales automation that would be used to seamlessly manage outbound and ABM campaigns.

We were keen to bring new efficiencies to our outbound sales efforts which were often very manual, time-consuming, and hard to track. By implementing sales automation, we saw quicker results with less effort.…

Ben Park | Spektrix Global Head of Marketing

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Account Based Marketing Campaigns

We worked with Spektrix to help them prioritise accounts that they could potentially close in the financial year, then devised a sophisticated 6 month ABM campaign to draw prospects into the sales funnel.

A 31-page gated guide on the theme of 'Revenue Maximisation' was put together with supporting blogs which was promoted to the target audience through persona-specific Outreach.io sequences, organic social posts, and paid ads on Google and social platforms. Leads were automatically nurtured with an email sequence encouraging them to book a consultation.

To generate further engagement after the campaign campaign, a follow-up webinar campaign on the same theme was put together and Sales Qualified Leads were invited to a premium offline thought-leadership event.

By honing in on Spektrix's target accounts through a highly integrated ABM campaign, we were able to generate a strong pipeline of business for the team to close.…

Tony Joseph | Digital Litmus Client Services Director

Spektrix Insights Report and Conference Details 2019


The demand generation programme proved to be the most successful that Spektrix has ever run both from a target accounts engaged and deals closed perspective, exceeding their sales targets for the financial year and fuelling the pipeline with solid opportunities for the next year.

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