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7 Best Ways to Find B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

August 24, 2023, by Shelley Martin

7 Best Ways to Find B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

As a business or marketing leader, choosing a b2b digital marketing agency to partner with is a pressurised and thankless task. There's hundreds of agencies out there, how do you choose the right one?

Picking the wrong partner can have major implications on your ability to hit targets or put in the right systems and processes required to scale and grow. 

The partnership between your business and a B2B digital marketing agency should be characterised by synergy, alignment, and a shared vision. It's not merely about outsourcing tasks; it's about entrusting critical aspects of your marketing efforts to a team that possesses the expertise, creativity, and dedication needed to help your business grow.

Through this article, we hope to equip you with practical insights and methods to find the best B2B digital marketing agency for your particular business needs. From leveraging search engines and social networks to exploring agency directories and attending industry events, we'll guide you through a comprehensive approach that ensures you make a selection primed for success.

1. Google 

In the digital age, Google reigns supreme as the go-to platform for conducting research and obtaining information about products and services. When it comes to finding the right B2B digital marketing agency, Google is an indispensable resource for businesses in the initial stages of their agency search. 

Google Search

When businesses begin their hunt for a B2B digital marketing agency, the journey often starts with a simple search on Google. Understanding the significance of using relevant keywords is crucial in yielding accurate and pertinent results. 

For instance, if you are looking for a B2B digital marketing agency, you should use search terms like "B2B digital marketing agency" or "digital marketing agency for B2B." These focused keywords narrow down the search results to agencies that explicitly cater to B2B clientele, saving time and effort in finding the right fit.

If you are seeking agencies in specific regions, add location modifiers such as "UK” or “London” to the search query. This will ensure relevant agencies within the desired geographic area are surfaced.

An iphone showing social media icons, held over a laptop

2. LinkedIn & Social Media Platforms

In the realm of professional networking and industry connections, LinkedIn stands as a powerhouse platform for B2B businesses seeking digital marketing agencies. Social media platforms, in general, offer unique opportunities to connect with agencies, gain insights into their expertise, and initiate meaningful conversations. 

Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn has emerged as a leading professional networking platform, attracting millions of business professionals and industry experts from around the globe. For B2B businesses on the lookout for digital marketing agencies, LinkedIn's vast community of marketing specialists, executives, and industry thought leaders offers an exceptional pool of potential agency partners.

How to Identify Agencies through LinkedIn Company Pages, Groups, and Posts

LinkedIn provides a robust search functionality that allows you to find B2B marketing agencies with dedicated company pages showcasing their services, expertise, and case studies. 

By conducting targeted searches using relevant keywords like "B2B marketing agency" or "digital marketing agency for B2B," you can discover agencies actively engaged in LinkedIn's professional ecosystem.

Additionally, joining LinkedIn groups related to marketing, digital marketing, or B2B industries can be immensely beneficial. These groups often serve as vibrant communities where industry discussions, insights, and agency recommendations are shared.

Participating in group discussions provides valuable context about agencies from industry peers and enables you to gauge their reputation and expertise.

Exploring Other Social Media Platforms

While LinkedIn remains the top choice for B2B networking, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also offer opportunities to discover B2B digital marketing agencies. Many agencies maintain a strong presence on these platforms, sharing valuable content, updates, and success stories about their services and projects.

Similar to LinkedIn, you should actively engage with agency content on Facebook and Twitter to assess their industry knowledge, communication style, and thought leadership. Liking, sharing, and commenting on agency posts can help establish initial connections and demonstrate genuine interest in their work.

The Value of Social Proof

Social proof can play a pivotal role in shaping business decisions. On social media platforms, agencies receive social proof in the form of endorsements, recommendations, and testimonials from satisfied clients and industry peers. Positive feedback and interactions serve as valuable indicators of an agency's credibility and expertise.


How to Assess Social Proof:

Here’s how you can assess social proof to validate an agency's reputation and track record:

Agency Websites: Check agency websites for client testimonials, case studies, and success stories. Genuine testimonials from satisfied clients speak volumes about an agency's capabilities.

LinkedIn Endorsements: Examine LinkedIn profiles of agency representatives for endorsements from colleagues and clients. Endorsements reinforce an agency's expertise and skills.

Client Reviews on Facebook and Other Review Platforms: Look for client reviews and ratings on agency Facebook pages or review platforms. Reading about the experiences of other clients provides valuable insights.

By evaluating social proof, you can gain confidence in potential agency partners and make informed decisions based on real-world experiences shared by others.

A man browsing directories on a laptop

3. Agency Directories

Navigating through a multitude of B2B digital marketing agencies can be a daunting task for businesses seeking the perfect fit. Agency directories come to the rescue by providing a consolidated and vetted resource, saving you time and effort in your search for reputable agencies. 

What is an Agency Directory? 

Agency directories serve as comprehensive platforms that curate lists of reputable B2B digital marketing agencies from various industries and locations. These directories offer a structured and organised database of agencies, making it easier for you to find potential partners that align with your specific marketing goals and requirements.

By categorising agencies based on their services, areas of expertise, and industry focus, directories can provide you with a focused starting point in your agency search. This level of curation helps filter out less relevant options and allows you to concentrate your efforts on agencies that cater to your unique needs.

Types of Agency Directories

Several types of agency directories exist, each catering to different niches and preferences. Some popular agency directories include:


Clutch is considered one of the go-to directories, renowned for its comprehensive approach to aiding businesses in finding the most suitable B2B digital marketing agencies. It offers a multifaceted resource encompassing agency listings, verified client reviews, and valuable industry insights.

HubSpot Agency Directory

HubSpot is a standout platform, providing powerful tools and resources for CMS, sales and marketing to name a few.

A HubSpot Partner Agency is an agency that has been recognised and certified by HubSpot for its proficiency in utilising the HubSpot platform. Each agency listed in the HubSpot Partner Directory has a dedicated profile that contains essential information for businesses to assess their suitability as a marketing partner

Partnering with HubSpot Partner agencies offers businesses a unique advantage, granting them access to specialised expertise and exclusive benefits. 

Digital Agency Network (DAN)

DAN serves as a global platform that offers businesses a comprehensive view of a diverse array of marketing agencies. DAN is a hub where agencies with a wide spectrum of marketing services from around the world are featured, allowing businesses to explore and evaluate options that cater to their specific needs.


G2 is a popular software and services review platform that also features an extensive directory of agencies. It's known for its user-generated reviews, ratings, and insights about various companies, including B2B digital marketing agencies.

Exploring different directories allows businesses to discover agencies with diverse specialties, and it also provides valuable insights into the various services each agency offers.

Utilising Directories Effectively

With an abundance of agencies listed on directories, businesses need effective methods to narrow down their options. To utilise agency directories effectively, consider the following tips:

Service Offerings: Use filters to select agencies that provide the specific services you needed, whether it's content marketing, SEO, social media management, or email marketing.

Industry Expertise: Look for agencies that have experience and knowledge in the business's industry or niche. A deep understanding of the target audience and market trends can be advantageous.

Company Size: Consider the size of the agency that fits your requirements. Larger agencies might have a broader scope, while smaller agencies may offer more personalised attention.

Location: If proximity is essential, filter agencies based on their geographic location or the regions they serve, especially for businesses with specific geographic targets like "B2B digital marketing agency UK."

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5. Industry Events and Conferences

Industry events and conferences offer a valuable platform for businesses to gain insights, network with industry professionals, and discover potential B2B digital marketing agencies. 

A businessman speaking at a conference

Networking at Industry Events

Industry events and conferences serve as hotspots for knowledge-sharing, idea generation, and networking within the B2B marketing community. Attending these events presents you with a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse group of professionals, including potential B2B digital marketing agencies.

Networking Opportunities: Industry events attract marketers, industry experts, and agency representatives, creating an ideal setting for networking. Engaging in meaningful conversations with these professionals can lead to the discovery of reputable B2B digital marketing agencies.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Face-to-face interactions at events facilitate a deeper understanding of agency representatives and their expertise. This personal connection lays the foundation for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Identifying Relevant Events

To make the most of industry events and conferences, you should identify and prioritise events that focus on B2B marketing and digital marketing. Several events cater specifically to B2B professionals, providing a wealth of opportunities to connect with reputable B2B digital marketing agencies. Some noteworthy B2B marketing events and conferences include:

B2B Marketing Expo: A leading UK event for B2B marketing professionals, offering insights into account-based marketing, demand generation, content marketing, and more.

B2B Online Europe: A conference dedicated to e-commerce strategies and digital marketing for B2B companies, focusing on topics such as customer experience and omnichannel marketing.

Ignite London: A dynamic event that brings together industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators in the realm of digital marketing and technology. The event is designed to foster knowledge sharing, networking, and inspiration within the digital marketing community.

DigiMarCon London: A premier digital marketing conference that gathers professionals, experts, and leaders in the field of digital marketing from around the world

Global Digital Marketing World Forum:  A prestigious annual event that brings together marketing professionals, industry leaders, and experts from around the globe to explore the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the field of digital marketing

INBOUND: Hosted by HubSpot in the US, INBOUND brings together industry leaders, marketers, and agency representatives for inspiring talks, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

Event Directories and Platforms

Navigating the vast landscape of industry events can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are event directories and platforms that provide comprehensive listings of upcoming events, making it easier for you to find events relevant to their interests.

Event Websites and Directories: Websites like Eventbrite, Meetup, and Eventful offer filters that allow you to search for industry-specific events and conferences based on location, date, and topics.

Industry Associations and Publications: B2B marketing associations and industry publications often curate lists of recommended events, providing you with curated selections of relevant conferences.

Industry events and conferences offer a wealth of opportunities for businesses to discover reputable B2B digital marketing agencies. By attending these events, you can gain valuable knowledge, network with industry experts, and establish personal connections with potential agency partners. 

Two friends chatting in a cafe while holding a coffee

6. Peer Recommendations & Referrals

The power of word-of-mouth and peer recommendations cannot be underestimated. When searching for a reputable B2B digital marketing agency, you can leverage your professional networks to seek referrals and recommendations from trusted peers. 

Importance of Peer Recommendations

Peer recommendations and referrals play a vital role in the decision-making process for businesses seeking B2B digital marketing agencies. When receiving referrals from trusted peers, it can foster confidence in the potential agency partner.

Trust and Credibility: Peer recommendations are based on first-hand experiences, making them highly trustworthy and credible sources of information.

Relevant Insights: Trusted peers understand the unique challenges and goals of your business, ensuring that their recommendations are relevant and tailored to your business's needs.

Saves Time and Effort: Seeking referrals from peers saves businesses time and effort in the agency search process, as you can rely on the experiences of others to narrow down your options.

Leveraging Professional Networks

One effective way to seek peer recommendations is by reaching out to businesses operating in the same industry or with similar marketing needs. These businesses are likely to have worked with B2B digital marketing agencies and can offer you valuable insights.

Industry Associations: Engage with industry associations and networks to connect with businesses that may have experience working with reputable digital marketing agencies.

Business Partners and Suppliers: Reach out to business partners and suppliers with whom you have a positive relationship. They might have insights into agencies that align with your business's values and objectives.

By seeking peer recommendations and referrals, you can tap into the collective knowledge of your professional networks to identify reputable agencies. 

These recommendations, backed by first-hand experiences, can guide you towards the most suitable agency partners. However, it is essential to verify whether the referred agencies align with your business's specific goals and requirements through careful research and assessment of their track record.

A businessman browsing on his phone outside

7. Business Forums and Groups

In the digital age, business forums and social media groups have emerged as valuable platforms for networking, knowledge-sharing, and seeking recommendations. For businesses on the lookout for reputable B2B digital marketing agencies, active participation in these online communities can prove highly beneficial. 

Participating in Business Forums

Business forums are online platforms where professionals from diverse industries gather to engage in discussions and exchange insights. By actively participating in these forums, you can unlock several advantages in your quest to find the right B2B digital marketing agency.

Knowledge Sharing: Business forums provide a wealth of knowledge on marketing trends, strategies, and best practices, offering valuable insights that can guide your agency search.

Peer Feedback: Engaging with experienced members in the forums allows you to receive feedback on agency experiences and recommendations, helping you make informed decisions.

Networking Opportunities: Forums facilitate networking with professionals from various backgrounds, including digital marketers and agency representatives, creating opportunities for partnerships.

Seeking Recommendations and Experiences

When seeking agency recommendations on business forums, you can access a diverse pool of insights from fellow members with first-hand experiences.

Be Specific About Needs: When requesting recommendations, clearly outline your business's marketing goals and requirements to receive tailored suggestions.

Engage in Discussions: Actively participate in discussions related to digital marketing agencies, ask questions, and seek further information about the recommended agencies.

Engaging in discussions, seeking recommendations, and sharing positive experiences can foster meaningful interactions, expanding your business's network and guiding you towards the right B2B digital marketing agency.

Choosing the Right B2B Digital Marketing Agency

As you embark on your journey to find the perfect B2B digital marketing agency, remember the significance of a well-informed decision. Each method discussed in this blog can be a stepping stone towards establishing fruitful partnerships that drive your business forward. 

Embrace these practical approaches, diversify your search methods, and confidently engage with potential agencies to discover the one that aligns with your marketing goals.

Choose wisely, invest time in research, and forge relationships with agencies that understand your business's unique needs. With the right B2B digital marketing agency by your side, you can unlock growth and achieve success in the digital realm. Happy agency hunting!

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